Unrecognized Transnistria asks for protection from Russia, how exactly do American microcircuits get into Russian weapons despite all the sanctions and dozens of illegal submachine guns in the legends of world cinema - this is stated in a review of world news with Yana Slesarchuk.

Unrecognized Transnistria asks for protection from Russia - what will be the consequences?

Unrecognized Transnistria turned to Russia for help and protection.

This is stated in the resolution of the general meeting, which was urgently convened in Tiraspol within a week.

A congress of this scale took place in an unrecognized republic for the first time in 18 years.

The State Duma of Russia is asked to protect Transnistria from pressure from Moldova.

The project of the resolution of the participants of the seventh congress is merged into the Network.

Illegal officials of the unrecognized "republic" ask Russia to protect them from pressure from Moldova.

And in other points, they complain about Moldova to everyone - from the UN to the EU.

The reason, which was voiced more than once: the New Customs Code came into force in Moldova in the new year, where there are no benefits for Transnistrian companies.

The reason that is not voiced: now Transnistria survives only thanks to free Russian gas.

But Gazprom's transit contract with Ukraine is coming to an end in December.

Transnistria has neither money nor licenses to buy gas on the stock exchange or from Eurotraders.

And this can put an end to the existence of an unrecognized republic.

A week ago, when the current head of Transnistria, Krasnoselskyi, announced the date of the general assembly, a former official of Transnistria, and now an alleged oppositionist living in Chisinau, paid attention.

The very next day after that, that would be tomorrow, Putin addresses the federal assembly of Russia.

From here, they began to discuss whether Transnistria would remind the Kremlin of its desire to join the Russian Federation.

The illegal referendum, in which 97% of the population of Transnistria voted for it, took place 18 years ago.

But then Russia ignored him.

A narrow strip on the left bank of the Dniester, which weighs with Ukraine, and brings the Ukrainian language to the congress, which our social networks are already mocking.

The news about possible appeals for help to Russia was received phlegmatically in Moldova.

The Bureau of Reintegration stated on February 22 that it had no reason to believe that the situation in the region could worsen.

The head of the GUR of Ukraine, Budanov, also said on camera that the rumors are not confirmed.

No one is going to join the Russian Federation on the 28th, and after that, too.

We can only hope that tomorrow Putin, whose speech is promised to be broadcast in cinemas and on the billboards of big cities, will not remember the old request of Transnistria to include it in the composition of the aggressor country.

Because even a few years ago, the decision to launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine looked like outright madness, but it was decided.

Ten downed Russian planes in ten days.

But how long can we keep it up?

Experts of Forbes suggested that the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in shooting down enemy equipment is related to the use of American missiles for Patriot and NASAMS, as well as blind spots that appeared in the Russians after the destruction of the A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft.

The publication notes that the Russians are losing planes 20 times faster than they can replace them.

But Ukraine's problem is that it has a shortage of such missiles, because the United States has not provided Ukraine with ammunition since the end of last December.

There will be no American aid soon - Biden did not persuade the speaker of the House of Representatives

It is not worth waiting for American help in the near future.

The White House failed to break Republican resistance.

After Joe Biden's talks with the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson and the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, Johnson said to the cameras: he will put the aid to Ukraine and other partners of the United States, Israel and Taiwan to a vote at the right time, because now he is most interested in security of the American border.

The speakers of 23 parliaments of the planet appealed to Johnson with an appeal to give a chance to the draft law for 60 billion aid to Ukraine.

However, fellow party members threaten him with resignation for such a demarche against the will of Donald Trump.

How do the Russians get American chips for their weapons?

The US Senate decided to stop it and gathered high-tech manufacturers for a hearing

Semiconductor manufacturers should better control the sale of their products so that American microchips do not end up inside Russian weapons.

They were urged to do so by American senators at hearings where they considered the mechanisms by which Russia is still able to obtain Western hi-tech for future murders of Ukrainians.

Representatives of four companies were gathered in the Senate after confirmation appeared that their microcircuits are still being used by the Russians.

Russia, the investigators who found out the details proved, gets the technology thanks to intermediaries from third countries, which are actually not difficult to detect.

These are, first of all, China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Then the products go to the Russians via Turkey, the Arab Emirates and countries neighboring Russia.

Manufacturers have promised to track the end customer to prevent illegal resales, which are subject to already imposed US sanctions.

Europe will help Ukrainians with Russian money

Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, called on the European Parliament session to help Ukraine with Russian money.

In her speech, she announced a new European strategy for industrial protection, which the European Commission will present in the coming weeks.

Noting that one of their main goals will be the prioritization of joint purchases, von der Leyen emphasized that the defense enterprises of the European Union will have to work at full capacity to defeat Russia.

And she emphasized that one should not exaggerate the risks of war for Europe, but should be prepared for them.

"It's also time to start talking about using the profits from frozen Russian assets for the joint purchase of military equipment for Ukraine. There can be no stronger symbol and no greater use for this money than making Ukraine and all of Europe a safer place to live," said Ursula von der Leyen .

Zelensky in Albania - Friendship Agreement, summit of Balkan states and plans for a new defense forum

President Zelenskyi arrived in Albania, where the leaders of the Western Balkan countries are discussing the provision of additional aid to our country.

Before the summit, Zelensky signed an agreement on friendship and cooperation with the head of the Albanian government, Edi Rama.

The Ukraine-Southeastern Europe summit, co-organized by the President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Albania, gathered representatives of 13 countries.

And we already have statements.

The Prime Minister of Albania reprimanded the West for delays and limitations in supporting Ukraine.

And he emphasized that the Western Balkans are ready to contribute to the fight against Russia.

And Zelensky offered the Balkan states a new format.

"We see problems with the supply of projectiles, which affect the course of the war. And we are interested in joint production with you and all our partners. Our government team presents the details. We propose to hold a special Ukrainian-Balkan defense formation in Kyiv or one of your capitals," - said President Zelensky.

Chinese peace: the state that has not yet condemned Russia will once again call on Ukraine to simply stop shooting

Beijing's special representative Li Hui will visit Ukraine, Russia and several EU countries in the near future.

This trip will be "the second round of shuttle diplomacy to find a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis."

This was stated in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The visits of the official from the Celestial Empire will start on March 2.

In addition to Ukraine and Russia, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland are also planned.

In Beijing, they believe that now the most urgent issue is the restoration of peace.

And they say that for the last two years they have made every effort to do so.

Li Hui already made a number of visits to Kyiv and Moscow last year.

And China also released documents calling for a political settlement, which included a ceasefire and the resumption of peace talks.

And although the state positions itself as a neutral party in the war in Ukraine, officially Beijing still refuses to condemn Russia, supplies the Kremlin with technologies and conducts active trade with the Russians.

Navalny will be buried on March 1.

His widow spoke in the European Parliament

Navalny will be mourned and buried on March 1 in Moscow.

The body of a Russian oppositionist who died in a colony under unexplained circumstances was refused to be given to his mother for a long time, trying to force her to carry out a secret burial.

Alexei Navalny's entourage claims that he died at the very moment when negotiations about his exchange reached the final stage.

They were going to exchange the oppositionist, as well as imprisoned American journalists, for FSB agent Vadym Krasikov, jailed in Berlin for political murder.

Navalny's wife, Yulia, spoke in the European Parliament, and tomorrow the MEPs are going to adopt a resolution calling for support for Russian political prisoners.

Where did Alain Delon get dozens of pistols and rifles

Star arsenal: 72 firearms were confiscated from French film legend Alain Delon.

He did not have permission for any.

In addition, the police found more than three thousand cartridges and an equipped shooting range just in the house of the 88-year-old actor in the suburbs of Paris.

The order to search Delon's house was issued when one of the court officials in another case visited the actor's house, saw a weapon and informed the judge about it.

Delon does not often leave the country house, the last time he appeared in public at Cannes four years ago, when he received the Palme d'Or.

What will we watch tomorrow?

Kremlin dictator Putin addresses the Federal Assembly of the State Duma.

Will he remember the request of Transnistria, which was heard today?

And two more bitter rivals - the President of the United States Joe Biden and the main Republican candidate Donald Trump - will go to inspect the American border with Mexico on the same day.

Won't they meet there?


Transnistria is asking Putin for help!

How does the USA prevent Russia from killing Ukrainians? 

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