Nearly 80 kg of marijuana were seized during a special operation of the ODMVR-Pazardzhik.

A well-disguised and equipped drug greenhouse for growing cannabis was discovered, a 32-year-old man was arrested, the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

The specialized police operation to counter crimes related to narcotic substances was implemented yesterday.

The actions were carried out by employees of the "Criminal Crime Countermeasures" sector in the ODMVR-Pazardzhik and their colleagues from the RU-Pazardzhik, under the supervision of the district prosecutor's office.

A 32-year-old man from Pazardzhik was arrested for growing, possessing and distributing marijuana.

During a search of a property in the September village of Karabunar, managed by detainees, forensic experts found a separate and well-disguised domestic drug greenhouse, carefully equipped with lighting, ventilation, air humidity and temperature control systems.

It was established that the subsequent processing of the drug and preparation for its distribution took place in part of the neighboring premises.

GDBOP uncovered a high-tech greenhouse for marijuana in the capital, there is an arrest

A total of 76 plants of the hemp genus in the initial stage of development were found planted in pots, and in other rooms - numerous plastic containers filled with dry leaf mass of heads and inflorescences with a total weight of nearly 15 kilograms of high-quality marijuana.

More than 56 kilograms of stems and leaves were also seized, which required further processing.

A pre-trial proceeding has been initiated in the case, the work on which continues under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Pazardzhik.

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