A new scandal broke out near Kyiv.

Even after two years of full-scale war, there are still unique people and ardent connoisseurs of all things Russian in Ukraine.

Teenagers had a party, shouted in the middle of the night:

"Ahmat is strength"

and shot a gun into the air.

The SBU has already visited the boys and held a preventive conversation.

All the details of the scandal with Kadyrov's fans and what kind of famous relative is behind one of them - see in the

TSN.UA  exclusive.

How teenagers celebrated their birthday 

The Kyiv media shared a video of how a young man celebrated his coming of age in a grand manner near Kyiv.

He celebrated well, you can't argue, because now the whole faucet is buzzing with indignation. 

The SBU has already found everyone

And maybe this story would not have unfolded like that, but the "heroes" from the video decided to show their "points" on the whole Instagram.

The page of the so-called "Gera", which is where this video was posted, has already been blocked, which is not surprising.

They say that Tusa took place from February 24 to 25, and of course they shot already during the curfew.

Well, the Russian tanks have been driven out of Kiev, so now you can hang out, but there is a nuance, if there is no conscience, then there is the Security Service of Ukraine, which will help to awaken it, because the law enforcement officers have already found all the participants of the coven and took good care of them.

Sincere apologies from the noun. 

Watch on the TSN YouTube channel:

What is known about party people

The SBU said that there were a total of six boys aged 17 to 21 at the party.

In the house where the festivities took place, the law enforcement officers seized both the phone, which contained this interesting video, and the weapon from which fans of Russian slogans were shooting. 

Based on this fact, the law enforcement officers carried out urgent comprehensive measures, as a result of which the author of the anti-Ukrainian video was detained.

During the search of his apartment in Kyiv, a mobile phone was found on which he recorded hostile slogans.

Also, in the young man's home, a weapon was found and seized, from which the shots were fired during the party.

Currently, the suspect is planned to be notified of suspicion under Part 4 of Art.

296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism).

The issue of selecting a preventive measure for him is being resolved.

An investigation is ongoing to establish all the circumstances of the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Perpetrators face up to 7 years in prison.

Whose son was the birthday boy

But later, another interesting point about the birthday boy emerged.

There is information that the name of the birthday boy is Herman Davyd Borisovych, and he is the son of a well-known businessman, director of the Schmeisser arms manufacturing company Borys Herman, who was previously accused of organizing an assassination attempt on journalist Arkady Babchenko in 2018.

So it's actually not surprising where Herman the Younger got such tricks and weapons. 

We also wrote that a criminal group was exposed in Kyiv, which organized sales of clothes and equipment for one of the city's territorial defense brigades.

Military property was illegally written off and then sold.

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