Russian troops rehearsed the use of tactical nuclear weapons at an early stage of the conflict with a major world power, according to leaked information from Russian military files.

These files contain scenarios for preparations for the invasion of China.

This is reported by the Financial Times.

Secret Russian documents

describe the threshold for the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

It is lower than Russia has ever publicly acknowledged.

It is about 29 secret military files compiled in the period from 2008 to 2014.

The criteria for a potential nuclear response range from an enemy invasion of Russian territory to more specific triggers, such as the destruction of 20% of Russia's strategic submarines with ballistic missiles.

Although the age of the documents is 10 years or more, experts claim that they are still relevant for Russia's modern military doctrine.

The materials of the Russian exercises demonstrate that the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation

has worked out numerous scenarios depicting an invasion by China


The drills provide a rare opportunity to see how Russia views its nuclear arsenal as the cornerstone of its defense policy, and how it prepares troops for a nuclear first strike in certain combat situations.

Under what conditions can Russia use nuclear weapons - scenarios

One of the exercises describing a hypothetical attack by China said that Russia, dubbed the "Northern Federation" in the wargame, could respond with a tactical nuclear strike to stop the "South" from advancing with a second wave of invasion forces.

"The Commander-in-Chief gave the order... to use nuclear weapons... ...

in the event of the deployment of second-echelon units by the enemy and the threat of a further offensive by "South" in the direction of the main strike

," the secret document says.

Another training presentation for officers of the Russian Navy (unrelated to China)

indicated broader criteria for a potential nuclear strike


In particular, we are talking about the landing of the enemy on the territory of the Russian Federation, the defeat of units responsible for the protection of border areas, or the imminent attack of the enemy using conventional types of weapons.

The threshold is defined as a set of factors under which the losses of the Russian army "will irreversibly lead to its inability to stop a major enemy aggression," which is "a critical situation for the state security of Russia."

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Other possible conditions for Russia to use nuclear weapons include the destruction of 20% of its strategic ballistic missile submarines, 30% of its nuclear attack submarines, three or more cruisers, three airfields, or the simultaneous destruction of the main and reserve shore command posts.

In the secret documents, it is assumed that Among them - deterring states from aggression [...] or escalation of military conflicts, stopping aggression, preventing the loss of battles or territory by Russian troops, increasing the effectiveness of the Russian Navy.

By the way, in mid-February, the chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee, Republican Mike Turner, declared "a serious threat to national security."

Some mass media reported that it is about the desire of the Russian Federation to place nuclear weapons in space.

The White House later announced that the threat to national security that Turner claimed was related to anti-satellite weapons being developed by Russia.

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