Police in the city of Harriman, Tennessee, USA, had to chase a domestic emu that ran away from its owner for several hours.

wbir.com writes about it.

According to the owner, the bird was frightened by the noise of the construction works being carried out next to the house, easily jumped over the two-meter fence and ran aimlessly away.

The owner of MiMu the ostrich immediately posted an announcement on social media and began to receive reports that the bird had been seen in various places that it ran past.

The police chased the ostrich for more than 30 km / Photo: facebook.com/harry.mckinney.4

The local police went in pursuit of the ostrich.

At first, he was moving at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour, but when he noticed the pursuit, he accelerated to 64 km/h.

The ostrich was caught 32 km from home.

MiMu with the owner / Photo: facebook.com/harry.mckinney.4

It is noteworthy that almost immediately after returning home, the ostrich ran away again, but was quickly caught.

The owner was forced to increase the fence to almost 3 meters, hoping that this height would be too high for the emu.

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