In the Bakhmut direction, the aerial reconnaissance of the 22nd brigade helps to destroy Russian equipment, which works at long distances, detecting enemy guns in the rear of the occupiers and monitoring their movements.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Margarita Potapova. 

Aerial scouts aim artillery at the occupiers' equipment

In the direction of Bakhmut, the "Stork" drone helps to search for enemy equipment. 

"Our task is not the front line, we fly and observe whether there will be any movement of a large amount of equipment or a small one, so that our guys can prepare and meet them," says the soldier of the ZSU "Steve"

Enemy assaults do not stop in the Bakhmut direction, in some places the infantry of the occupiers use armored combat vehicles for movement.

Our aerial reconnaissance notices them in time and guides the gunners.

Bakhmut direction

Destroyed tank and artillery of the occupiers

The other day, the pilots of the "Storks" of the 22nd brigade detected an enemy tank T-72, which was heading to the front edge of the defense line.

Thanks to this, it was possible to destroy it. 

Effective interaction between units and the speed of defeating enemy targets is currently the main task for deterring the Russians in the Bakhmut direction.

Over the last few days, the aerial reconnaissance units have several installations of the "Grad" salvo fire system, which the occupiers used to cover the positions of our defenders.

Bakhmut direction

A specially encrypted channel protects our "Stork" from enemy EWs and thus helps our iron birds and their operators prevent the enemy from advancing in the Bakhmut direction.

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They hide them away from the front line!

How the Ukrainian "Stork" hunts for Russian guns!

It will be recalled that the ISW reported that the Russian army advanced in the Bakhmut region.