The man came back to life 50 minutes after his heart stopped beating.

Metro writes about it.

Ben Wilson, 31, suffered a heart attack caused by a blood clot at his flat in Barnsley, UK, on ​​June 11 last year.

His fiancee, Rebecca Holmes, 27, performed CPR while waiting for an ambulance.

She recalled: "When the paramedics arrived they said things didn't look good. They used the defibrillator 11 times in 40 minutes before they finally got a heartbeat. But when they got him outside into the garden he went again, and in the next ten minutes he was electrocuted six times and brought back again. They immediately put him into an induced coma to minimize any damage."

Ben was taken to Barnsley Hospital but transferred to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield where a stent was placed in his heart to open up an artery.

Although the operation was a success, he was in a coma and two days later his brain was swollen and Rebeca was told his time was up.

Doctors warned Ben that it was "not good for him" because of his unhealthy lifestyle of gambling, smoking, poor diet and drinking cola.

On the seventh day in the hospital, Ben had several heart attacks and the doctors once again told him that he would not survive.

Every time Rebekah was told the terrible news, she kissed him and told him how much she loved him: "I stayed by his side the whole time, telling him I loved him. I sang him our song Dream a Little Dream of Me, sprayed perfume on his pillow and put next to him the teddy bear he bought me that said ``I love you to the moon and back.'' I believe my love for him helped him survive. That he survived is a miracle, but it is studies that say love and touch can help Ben has always been a hopeless romantic, giving me flowers and cards and I feel like I've repaid him for all the love and affection he's shown me in the seven years we've been together We are soul mates.

Ben's body also suffered from seizures, kidney failure and another blood clot that caused problems with his breathing tube.

Ben shocked doctors by standing up and talking after being in a coma for five weeks.

The first word he said after coming out of his coma was: "Rebecca."

Rebecca said: "It was a great moment."

After 14 weeks of rehabilitation and eight and a half months since his heart attack, Ben returned home last Thursday.

He is currently planning a wedding with his bride and she believes that he would not have survived without her love and devotion.

Rebecca added: "We are so grateful to the medical staff. I can't shake the thought that if one person hadn't done their job, he might not be here today, but every single person did an absolutely incredible job. We can't thank them enough."

Ben said: "I'm grateful to everyone who allowed me to be here today and to my love who was there. I don't know what would have happened to me if she had gone. I have a second chance at life and I'm going to take it, as long as Rebecca is by my side."

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