In response to the promise of the Lithuanian ambassador to Sweden to “neutralize” Kaliningrad, if Russia dares to challenge NATO, Peskov said: “NATO expansion, the advance of NATO military infrastructure towards our borders, the hostile rhetoric on the part of NATO member states - all this is of course a cause for concern.” Deep and reasons to take additional measures to ensure our security.” He pointed out that Kaliningrad is a Russian region located on the Baltic Sea.

“And it will always be like this.” Commenting to reporters on the statement of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, that he did not want to have a common border with Russia for the security of Hungary, Peskov said: “We do not agree with Mr. (Hungarian Prime Minister) Viktor Orban in everything. Russia does not pose a threat, contrary to what is now being said with enviable consistency in the European Union, and for any country that is not hostile to Russia, and does not try to become hostile to Russia. "He added: "Therefore, fears in this regard are unfounded." Health, and we are trying to ensure our safety for ourselves and our children.” Earlier, Lithuania’s ambassador to Sweden and former Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius threatened to “neutralize” Kaliningrad if Russia challenges NATO.