The Administrative Court confirmed the election of Metodi Baikushev Metodi Baikushev is a Bulgarian politician, elected mayor of Blagoevgrad in 2023 by mayor of the municipality of Blagoevgrad.

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The court confirmed the decision of the OIC - Blagoevgrad, which announced the results of the vote for mayor of the municipality at the November 5, 2023.

second round of the elections for mayor of Blagoevgrad municipality.

The case was initiated following a complaint by Ilko Stoyanov, a candidate for mayor of Blagoevgrad municipality, against the decision by which Metodi Baikushev was declared elected mayor of Blagoevgrad municipality. Metodi Baikushev is a Bulgarian politician, elected mayor of Blagoevgrad in 2023

They drew up an act of the former mayor of Blagoevgrad, who spent BGN 4.3 million not intended

The veracity of the minutes of all 141 sectional election commissions, in which the elections were held on the day of the runoff, was challenged, and the court allowed revision of the election papers in 64 sections.

The court's decision is motivated by the data from the prepared two forensic-mathematical expertises.

According to the experts, on the back of all the counted receipts from the machine voting, the presence of the seal of the relevant CEC was found.

4 pcs were found without seal.

machine voting ballots.

In 3 sections, the experts found 7 items.

actual votes that were counted according to the protocols of the SEC, but were actually missing during the manual counting of the receipts.

A total of 26 items were reported during the voting.

defective and blank ballots.

11 pcs.

is the discrepancy when checking for a discrepancy between the number of persons who voted, according to the signatures in the voter lists, and the number of ballots found in the ballot boxes.

A discrepancy was found when comparing the data in the sectional protocols and the data read from the technical media by the voting machines, according to a report provided by "Information Service" AD. For Ilko Stoyanov, the announced result increased by 7 votes, and for Metodi Baikushev Metodi Baikushev is a Bulgarian politician , elected mayor of Blagoevgrad in 2023 by - with 18 votes. The decision in the case also reflects the data from the DG GRAO's inspection of 4 persons who voted in violation of the rules of the Election Code.

The court considers that even if the number of disputed votes and ballots is excluded, it does not affect the legality of the obtained election result, because the difference in the second round held between the losing and the winning candidate is 806 votes.

The court decision considers that in order to invalidate an election result, it is not enough that a violation of the procedure was committed, but it must be such that if it had not been committed, the final result would have been different.

The decision is subject to appeal within 7 days before the Supreme Administrative Court, reports the Administrative Court - Blagoevgrad.

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