This news has shocked everyone.

The Paris Olympic Games are to start from 26 July to 11 August.

In such a situation, work is going on vigorously in France on its preparations.

Meanwhile, a news has surprised everyone.

In fact, police sources said on Tuesday that a computer and a bag containing two USB memory sticks related to police security plans for the Paris Olympic Games were stolen from a train at the capital's Gare du Nord station on Monday evening.

This news has shocked everyone.

Police is investigating this matter.

Police said the bag belonged to an engineer at Paris City Hall, confirming a report by BFM television, adding that the engineer had kept the bag in the luggage compartment above his seat.

Police said that the engineer's train was late, so they decided to change the train.

Later the engineer came to know that his bag was not with him.

On this matter, the engineer said that his work computer and two USB sticks contained sensitive data, especially the municipal police's plan to secure the Olympics.

At present the police is investigating this theft.

According to the information, investigation is being done by the Regional Transport Police. When news agency AFP sought information about this, the police expressed its inability to respond.

Two thousand municipal police officers will be deployed during the Games, with around 35,000 security forces expected to be on duty each day for the Olympics starting on July 26.

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