Even if Nikolai Denkov resigns on March 6, the rotation will be delayed, but eventually there will be one.

Sociologist from "Trend" Evelina Slavkova made such a prediction in the "Interview in NOVA News".

"At the moment, everyone is offering their terms, especially since PP-DB surprised their partners with a memorandum.

Everyone puts on the table what they can take as much as possible.

The proposal by Boyko Borisov is a response to precisely this condition that PP-DB sets.

We have seen specific certain things that look like a coalition agreement.

The whole conversation is starting to look exactly like this - who will take what positions", she explained.

Parvan Simeonov on possible early elections: In the end, people will throw them out with stones, as long as they played small games

"We are currently at the stage of a prenuptial agreement, not a divorce case.

The parties have no interest in a new vote because society does not want such a thing.

That is, the one who challenged them will not be profitable.

We have solid electoral cores.

Let's not forget the third fact - whether a new political entity will appear to shuffle the cards," Slavkova claims.

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