The police in Plovdiv seized over 850 cannabis plants and almost two kilograms of marijuana, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

By decree of the District Prosecutor's Office - Plovdiv, two men have been brought in as defendants.

The action was held on Sunday morning, when information was received that after extinguishing a fire in an outbuilding near a former pool base on the outskirts of Plovdiv, hemp plants were discovered.

The task force from the "Criminal Police" department directed there established that it was a high-tech drug greenhouse, equipped with automated systems for irrigation, heating, humidity regulation, lighting and video surveillance.

It turned out that a neighboring building, in which the same vegetation is grown, is equipped with similar equipment.

During the procedural and investigative actions, a total of 852 plants in different stages of development, nearly two kilograms of dried leaf mass, electronic scales, packaging machines and other physical evidence of the illegal activity were seized.

Men aged 42 and 49 were detained as suspects.

In the case, pre-trial proceedings were initiated and with the decree of the supervising prosecutor from the District Prosecutor's Office - Plovdiv, the two were brought in as accused and taken into custody for 72 hours.

It is expected that tomorrow, on February 29, the prosecutor's office will submit a request to the court for a remand "detention" against them, BTA reported.

Nearly 80 kg of marijuana were seized during a special operation in Pazardzhik

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