After cross voting in Rajya Sabha elections, the turmoil in the politics of Himachal Pradesh has intensified.

In the election for the only seat of Rajya Sabha, 6 Congress MLAs crossed the party line and cross-voted for BJP.

After this the government is in danger.

Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania has reserved his decision on the six rebel Congress MLAs who voted for the BJP candidate.

Observers DK Shivkumar and Bhupendra Singh Hooda are discussing with one MLA each at Sisil Hotel in Shimla.

Amidst the political crisis, the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government has passed the first test with the indirect help of 15 BJP MLAs.

On Wednesday, the Sukhu government presented the budget in the Assembly, which was passed by voice vote.

If the budget was not passed, the government could have come into minority.

The budget session was started in Himachal Pradesh Assembly on 14 February.

Before the presentation of the budget on Wednesday, BJP MLAs raised slogans in the Assembly.

They were shouting slogans and waving placards demanding the resignation of CM Sukhu.

After several warnings, Speaker Kuldeep Pathania suspended 15 MLAs including former CM Jairam Thakur.

Meanwhile, at 1 pm, CM Sukhu came in front of the media and refused to resign.

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How did Congress benefit from the suspension of 15 BJP MLAs?

The Sukhu government got the direct benefit of the suspension of 15 BJP MLAs.

Because the suspended MLAs gave the crisis-hit ruling Congress a working majority in the Assembly.

Due to the majority, the budget of the Sukhu government was passed without any hindrance.

Because the remaining 10 BJP MLAs also walked out of the House in protest against the Speaker's decision.

Our government will complete the term - CM Sukhu

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu said, "The budget was passed today. The conspiracy to topple our government has been foiled. Everyone is organized in the Congress. Our government will complete the 5-year term."

By passing the budget the Chief Minister has saved his government from any immediate test.

On the other hand, BJP will have to file a legal challenge to counter the Speaker's decision regarding the suspension of 15 MLAs.

CM Sukhu has also drawn a big line in front of BJP.

Accusing BJP of breaking the Congress party, he said, "Neither has anyone asked for my resignation.

Nor have I submitted my resignation to anyone.

We will prove our majority.

We will win...'' On the other hand, Jairam Thakur has described passing the budget as a strategic step of the Sukhu government.

6 rebel MLAs got show cause notice.

Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania has reserved the decision regarding action against 6 rebel Congress MLAs.

Congress had demanded from the Speaker to take action against these MLAs under the anti-defection law for violating the party whip in the Rajya Sabha elections.

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The Speaker said that Parliamentary Affairs Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan had filed a petition against these MLAs on Tuesday.

On this, the Assembly Secretariat took notice of both the parties and called them for hearing on Wednesday.

The speaker said that he heard both the sides in detail.

After considering the facts presented by both the sides, he has reserved his decision.

Vikramaditya Singh withdrew his resignation

. Meanwhile, relief news also came for the Congress government. Vikramaditya Singh, son of former CM Virbhadra Singh, has withdrawn his resignation.

Vikramaditya Singh had accused the Sukhu government of insulting his family.

However, Vikramaditya Singh withdrew his resignation on Wednesday night after meeting supervisors DK Shivkumar and Bhupendra Singh Hooda.

Singh was a minister in the Public Works Department in the Sukhu government.

Sukhu government's budget passed by voice vote amid political tussle in Himachal Pradesh

It is not easy for the BJP to bring about a change in power.

Despite the internal strife and rebellion in the Congress government of Himachal, it is not easy for the BJP to bring about a change in power here.

There are total 68 seats in Himachal.

The majority figure is 35.

Congress has 40 MLAs.

Of these, 6 have become rebels.

Even if these rebel MLAs are released, Congress will still have 34 MLAs.

There are 3 independent MLAs, who have cross-voted for BJP in the Rajya Sabha elections.

If 6 rebel Congress MLAs and 3 independents are added to the 25 BJP MLAs, then this number also becomes 34.

If Congress disqualifies its six rebel MLAs under the anti-defection law, then these MLAs will not be able to vote in favor of BJP.

Obviously BJP will not be able to form the government and the Sukhu government will prove its majority.

"My resignation is a rumour, our government will last for 5 years": CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu