Photo: Taken from Prensa Latina.

More than 60 photographs

by the award-winning Venezuelan lens professional Francisco Solórzano “Frasso” make up the exhibition inaugurated this Tuesday at the capital's International Press Center (CPI), under the title Todo Frasso in Havana.

Grouped into two thematic exhibitions: El Caracazo and Chávez, yo te vi, the images from the King of Spain International Journalism Award, 1989, collect

important episodes in the life of their country during the last decades of the last century,

which turned the local and regional history.

The protests and riots that occurred on February 27, 1989 during the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez, known as El Caracazo, were violently repressed, which generated a massacre captured by Frasso's lens in all its crudeness, becoming, in the opinion of the intellectual Venezuelan José Vicente Rangel, a rigorous notary of popular revolts.

Photo: Taken from Prensa Latina.

On the other hand, the Chávez I saw you selection brings together more than thirty snapshots, of the more than seven thousand that he has accumulated since he began his work as a photographer of the Bolivarian leader Hugo Chávez in 1994, until 1999.

When presenting the exhibition that pays tribute to the 35 years of El Caracazo, and the 11 years since Chávez's death, the Venezuelan ambassador to Cuba, Orlando Maneiro, highlighted that the work of Frasso and other colleagues contributed to perpetuating the memory and combating manipulation of facts.

In the activity, Frasso was grateful for the opportunity to exhibit in Cuba, a homeland that he described as sister, Chavista and Fidelist, and told anecdotes about his work with Chávez and his numerous meetings with the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

The photographic exhibition will remain open until March 27 in the CPI Gallery.

Photo: Taken from Prensa Latina.

Beautiful opening of a photo expo in Havana, dedicated to Chávez and the Venezuelan people.

Frasso, in addition to being a great photographer, is a great human being, a tremendous storyteller and with a great sense of humor #Venezuela #Cuba

— Randy Alonso Falcón (@RandyAlonsoFalc) February 27, 2024

In video, summary of the inauguration


Audiovisual summary of the inauguration of the photographic exhibitions of the prestigious journalist and photographer, Francisco Solórzano Frasso: "El Caracazo" and "Chávez yo te vi";

at the headquarters of @MinrexCpi.#CubaEsCultura

— Chancellery of Cuba (@CubaMINREX) February 28, 2024

(With information from Prensa Latina)