I have talked to doctors about this many times, but I have never understood whether people in a coma hear anything.

And I don't know if you can realize something after prolonged oxygen starvation.

I hope you are not hurt or scared.

You know, people collected a lot of money for your treatment.

And they continue to collect more and more.

After all, in recent years, we have developed a well-developed reflex: trouble must be reported.

A reflex that saved so many lives - some from illness, some from prison, some literally from hunger.

We donated to those who need urgent evacuation, to those who help to evacuate people from Belarus, and to those who wear handcuffs in pre-trial detention centers.

At the marathon in support of police prisoners, we collected one and a half times more than the Russians collected for their political ones (although their population is 16 times larger).

However, giving advice is, it seems, the only constructive activity that we are now capable of.

Medics are helping you, Danilo is taking care of you.

He says he'll sit next to you if the medics allow it.

And we will donate, because this is what is available to us now.

This wave of solidarity is very impressive - it seems that when we were scattered around the world, supporting each other became even more important.

It's as if before we took each other for granted, but now we understand that we have to fight for our own.

And against the background of such solidarity, I do not understand at all from where the commentators come to the light, for whom it is very important to convey to the audience their opinion about your personality and condemn you for the fact that you walked alone at night on the street, that you were seen with friends, that in general often rested separately from her boyfriend.

Of course they are so protective!

No one wants to admit that they can also suffer from a crime.

But instead of simply remaining silent, taking their fears to a psychologist, or at least speaking out loud about the world in which women cannot feel safe anywhere, they begin to shift the blame from the attacker to the victim.

So it turns out that all the aggression is received by a person who needs full acceptance and - most importantly - who is not guilty of anything.

Of course, among such intelligent people there are enough trolls, but there are also real people.

In part, they seem to support Lukashenka's regime, but they don't care about your feelings.

It's as if they're repeating the old clichés about terrible Europe and saying that people in Belarus are too used to safety on the street.

I really want you to argue with those who are now writing that something was wrong with you.

That you have enough strength, both physical and moral, to express to them whatever you want.

So that we, as a society, have another reflex - to look for cause-and-effect connections.

And that all anger and fear should be directed at the aggressors, and not at the people who suffered from them.

You, most importantly, breathe.

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  • Nasta Zakharevich

    Freelance journalist, radical feminist