Minister Tagarev should be charged and tried for espionage for the benefit of a foreign country.

He is an agent.

This was said on the sidelines of the parliament by the chairman of the PG of "Vazrazhdane".

Completes a master's degree in Balkan studies in response to a question about whether the Minister of Defense Todor TagarevTodor Tagarev was acting Minister of Defense from March 12 to May 29, 2013. On June 6, 2023, he was elected for deliberately not sending the military aid from Bulgaria to Ukraine, reported reporter for

These are just incompetents, apart from anything else.

These people no longer have a place in the administration of the country.

Their place is only in prison.

We demand the resignation of the entire government, we demand a trial for these criminals, we demand early elections.

This is the best solution to the political crisis in which they got us, said Kostadinov.

Asked why Minister Tagarev was praised by the ruling majority for his Euro-Atlanticism, and now he is reviled

(earlier today the leader of GERBGERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in Boyko BorisovBoiko Metodiev Borisov is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. He was born on June 13, 1959 demanded that the Minister of Defense be replaced - ed.)

, the chairman of the PG of "Vazrazhdane" does it matter what exactly is the reason, do you think there is more bandit, less bandit? For us Euro-Atlantic people are exactly the same".

Borisov: Tagarev is a non-working minister, he should be replaced

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