A case has been opened at the District Prosecutor's Office in Sliven for threats to the lives of the mayors of Sliven and Kotel, directors of large enterprises and companies in the regional center and the region, which were sent by e-mail, BNR reported.

It is assumed that this is the man nicknamed the Red Pirate, who sends threatening letters via e-mail to magistrates, politicians and public figures in Sofia and Pleven.

The director of GDBOP: The person who threatened judge Tsarigradska also threatens Maria Gabriel

It is possible that he is from Sliven, because he shows awareness of local events and news.

"The threatening e-mails in Sliven started arriving at the end of August - the beginning of September. They were sent from eight different e-mails, and the sender usually connected to the Internet through malls and large supermarkets in Sofia, said supervising prosecutor Tatyana Enevska.

"The latest data that came is for the month of January, the beginning. The threats are, as I said, also regarding the mayors of Sliven and Kotel, the chairman of the Municipal Council, all the members of the Municipal Council. And once again I say that they concern threats to the lives of these persons. We take seriously the data that the person who sends them has mental deviations," the prosecutor added.

"We conduct the investigation in such a way that we look at all sides of the death threats, regardless of who is sending them. These threats and threats come from a person using different email addresses, one of which is precisely the 'Red Pirate'. But the similarities of the words , which he uses when he makes threats, lead us to think that the face is the same," Enevska also pointed out.

The alleged perpetrator is young, about 30-35 years old, highly intelligent, he was probably in a psychiatric clinic in Sofia.

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