The Russian invaders in

the occupied territories

broke up the plan to turn out at the "polling stations" of employees of fake educational institutions and other structures.

This was reported by

the Center of National Resistance


The message indicates that in the temporarily occupied territories, a propaganda show called "elections of the President of the Russian Federation" is being launched, the purpose of which is to create collective responsibility for the Kremlin's crimes.

"That is, to prove the Russians' support for the policies of their dictator Putin, as well as to "legalize" the occupation of the TOT by drawing the turnout. For this, all collaborators were assigned the task of ensuring the turnout rate for the specified precinct from each enterprise or institution," the message says.

At the same time, the leaders were warned that thanks to video surveillance with a facial recognition system at the stations, it would be known whether the plan was implemented, and threatened with consequences in case of non-implementation.

It will be recalled that earlier it was reported that 

the Russians at TOT are trying to ensure a "high level of support" for the President of the Russian Federation


In addition, we previously reported that 

special forces from the Kremlin arrived at the Ukrainian National Elections Committee to "draw" the election results for Putin


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