According to aviation expert Valery Romanenko, Russia still has a fairly powerful potential of military aviation, which it maintains despite the loss at the front in Ukraine.

It is also known that the Russians restore old fighters and attack aircraft.

The expert told about this in a comment for

"Today, the number of Russian military aircraft, despite the loss, is not decreasing. That is why we need new Western air defense systems that will help us level the superiority of the Russian Federation in aviation. I hope that we will be able to strengthen our air defense system with a few more Patriot air defense systems," said Valery Romanenko .

According to the expert, at the moment there are 120 Su-34 aircraft in the Russian Air Force, which most often shoot down Ukrainian air defense forces recently.

Of the ten downed planes, seven are Su-34s.

“When Russia started the invasion, they had 140 of these planes.

In two years, they built another 16 Su-34s.

But they still fail to compensate for some losses," Romanenko said.

Irreparable losses are the Su-25 attack aircraft, which were withdrawn from production in Soviet times. 

But during the two years of the war, Russia was able to increase the number of Su-35 fighters.

During this period, the Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed ten such aircraft, but the Russians recovered another 15.

Therefore, according to Valery Romanenko, the Ukrainian Air Force "still needs to work and work".

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