"Gleb Mishin applied for Bulgarian citizenship with false documents", this is what Deputy Minister of Justice Georgi Nikolov (pictured) revealed before the temporary commission in the National Assembly on the activities of the Russian citizen in our country, as well as his connection with the illegal granting of Bulgarian citizenship , BNR reported.

"Literally this week, the documents of Gleb Mishin himself, who is also a candidate for Bulgarian citizenship, were also returned, they also have corrected documents," said Deputy Minister Nikolov.

"Here we have taken the trouble and have extracted files that were submitted by him, from his address and his name, and some form of repetition is noticeable there, but I say again, there are other intermediaries," Nikolov added.

"Approximately 3,300 files will be checked due to suspicions of the use of forged documents," Deputy Minister Nikolov also announced.

Second meeting of the commission for the Russian citizen Gleb Mishin

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