The German Air Force took to the air Eurofighter


to intercept the Russian Il-20M aircraft, which was recorded in the area of ​​Finland.

This is stated in

the message

of the Luftwaffe.

The German military reported that the event took place on February 26.

In the city of Laage, an alarm signal was activated due to the detection of a Russian Il-20M, which "without a flight plan was identified southeast of Helsinki by our Eurofighter."

The Luftwaffe said the fighter carried out a "visual check" after which the operation was completed "without further incident".

In addition, in the message of the General Staff of the French troops ,

they said

that they were also forced to lift Mirage fighters over the Russian Il-20MJ aircraft near the coast of Estonia.

"The goal: to protect the airspace of our Baltic allies," the French armed forces emphasized.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that 

Russian bombers flew near Alaska, the USA reacted


In addition, we previously informed that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

expressed interest in sending Ukrainian pilots to France for flight training


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