Life-size statue of Willy Wonka made of chocolate is revealed 0:49

(CNN) --

Families attending a Willy Wonka-inspired event in Glasgow, Scotland, were promised "optical wonders" and "extraordinary props" for a £35 ($44) ticket, but when they arrived they were met with with a sparsely decorated warehouse and were offered a quarter glass of lemonade (or lime-flavored soda when supplies ran out).

People got so angry on Saturday that they called the police, Police Scotland confirmed to CNN, the event was canceled and the story went viral on social media.

Paul Connell, one of the actors hired to perform at the event, told CNN on Wednesday: "There was a crowd of angry people outside."

"I saw people screaming, the organizers were crying (...). It was absolute chaos. There were people walking all over the place at that moment, they had completely lost control."

On Facebook, organizers House of Illuminati said: "Today has been a stressful and frustrating day for many and for that we are truly sorry."


"This was an event gone wrong," another post said.

"House of Illuminati will NOT be holding any other events in the near future."

House of Illuminati had promoted the event with an extravagant website, filled with fantastical images and lengthy descriptions of an "Enchanted Garden," a "Laboratory of Imagination," and a "Twilight Tunnel."

The 15-page script given to Connell the day before said there were "all these special effects," but when he asked the organizers for more information, they "kept saying not to worry, just do whatever you want, they'll do it." we would fix it (during the day)."

(Credit: Jack Proctor)

However, when he showed up the next day, the warehouse was still "practically empty, except for a few plastic mushrooms," a far cry from what had been advertised.

Jack Proctor and his family were among those attending the experience, arriving after the event had been open for a couple of hours, he told CNN on Wednesday.

"We met groups of families leaving the event with bewildered faces," he explained. "They directed us up the stairs and we arrived at a large makeshift prop door that said 'Factory.' A partition blocked our view, but we were already aware of it." "I realized that things were not going to go well... it was even worse than expected.

It took Proctor and his family three minutes to see the entire experience, for which he had paid £95, he added, and they left shortly afterwards as security were kicking people out.

"Two Oompa Loompas were handing out candy... Each child was given a jelly bean and a lollipop, the adults were told not to touch the candy."

Videos posted on social media showed a cloaked and masked figure emerging from behind a mirror, as children watched, increasingly horrified.

"Almost all the children who saw him ran away crying," explains Proctor.

(Credit: Jack Proctor)

People swapped stories in a Facebook group created by those left disappointed, one person saying her kids had received two jelly beans and a quarter of a can of lemonade soda, another saying her two kids "really had fun (bless you) Sean, they are easily happy!)".

The actors were "mortified by the whole thing," Connell said, and "were trying to make it as enjoyable an experience as possible... but the person running the event said I was spending too much time with the kids and had to make them spend as fast as possible".

CNN attempted to contact the House of Illuminati for comment via email addresses available on its website, but messages bounced back.