Trainee DSP transferred

Chhattisgarh News:

There is news of ruckus created by the brother of a BJP MLA from Surguja district of Chhattisgarh.

In the Lakhanpur police station here on Tuesday evening, Vijay Agarwal, elder brother of Ambikapur BJP MLA Rajesh Agarwal along with other BJP workers created a ruckus in the police station, and the local DSP has also been transferred in this matter.

MLA's brother had an altercation with DSP

It is being told that during this time, BJP MLA's elder brother Vijay Aggarwal had a heated argument with the trainee DSP.

Actually this whole matter is related to robbery.

Two days ago, the police had sent four youths from Gram Panchayat Chilbil, Amera and Poohpatra to jail in a robbery case.

In protest against which today the villagers of Gram Panchayat Chilbil, Amera and Poohpatra gathered and surrounded the Lakhanpur police station.

After which the police officers here pacified the villagers and sent them back, but during this time Vijay Aggarwal, elder brother of Ambikapur MLA Rajesh Aggarwal, while doing politics in this matter, reached Lakhanpur police station with his supporters and relatives and created a ruckus in the police station. started doing.

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DSP has been transferred

During this time, trainee DSP Shubham Tiwari present in the police station asked Vijay Aggarwal and his supporters to talk peacefully.

It is being told that Vijay Aggarwal got angry and had an altercation with the trainee DSP.

After this, the trainee DSP has been transferred, he has been removed from here and attached to Ambikapur headquarters.

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