Biden won the Democratic Party primary election in Michigan on Tuesday, but faced significant opposition due to his support for Israel at a time when it is waging a war in Gaza, with a large percentage of voters voting “Uncommitted” or “Uncommitted” as part of a protest movement against him.

The group of voters who voted “non-compliant” includes Muslim citizens, young people, and people of Arab origin.

Former President Trump also won the Republican primary, once again ahead of his Republican rival, Nikki Haley.

Polling stations closed their doors half an hour ago at 21 pm Washington time.

The vote count so far shows that Biden received 79.6 percent of the Democratic votes in the state, and about 15 percent voted for “not committed.”

In contrast, Trump received 66.2 percent of the Republican votes, and his rival Haley received 29.2 percent of the votes.

Thousands of state residents, especially in the cities of Dearborn and Detroit, demonstrated on more occasions, demanding that the Biden administration pressure Israel to cease fire in the Gaza Strip.

But the Democratic president's lack of response prompted them to decide to protest through the ballot boxes in the primary elections and threaten to abstain from voting in the general elections.