Ukrainian soldier Mykola Hoidalo, who returned home after 610 days of Russian captivity, spoke frankly about the terrible conditions in which he was kept and the moral torture he had to endure.

He told about this in an exclusive interview with a

TSN journalist.

A 50-year-old miner from Volyn volunteered for the army immediately after the full-scale invasion.

He was captured in May 2022.

It was exchanged on January 31. 

Mykola Hoydalo lost 35 kilograms during his stay in captivity.

Now he has problems with his legs as a result of having to stand for many hours every day.

Here's what he said 

...about the regime 

"We took them out for walks, in winter - for half an hour... in summer - for an hour. And the rest of the time - to stand... This is the regime: you entered the cell, you stand, you don't sit, you don't lie down, you just stand... They are already alone were deciding whether to sit down." 

...about food 

"Porridge, oatmeal, pearl barley, sichka... Lunch, first of all, was thin. The food was "scarce"... Just to survive. In the evening, there were potatoes and fish sometimes, as I could get them."

...about moral pressure 

"This is a psychological attack. They had to teach poems "for Russia" in order to break it... And of course they sang the Russian national anthem... It would be very difficult to refuse - your ribs could be hurt, your legs could be hurt. It's better to sing than to endure such pain."

...about what supported 

"Faith supported me. I wanted to see my family. Return to my land."

...about what you want most now

"We want the war to end and peace. Because no one would have thought that there could be a war with Russia. And a war like now - how many people, one might say, are suffering and maimed for nothing - it simply does not fit in one's head."

We will remind, on January 31, Ukraine returned home 207 soldiers from Russian captivity.