, a little kitten named Bella almost disrupted a government meeting.   

The video was published by the mayor of Beykoz, Murat Aydin, on his page in X (Twitter) on World Cat Day - February 17. 

Bella the kitten lives in the municipality.

In the video, Bella approaches Murat Aydin while he is speaking into the microphone.

The kitten is trying to attract his attention, and what's more, it even climbed onto the mayor's neck.

"This was our first meeting with Bella. It was also her first and last experience of a coordination meeting. Now she has grown even more and together with her brother pleases our home," the message reads.

Bella'yla first


:) @Beykoz_Bld

Şimdilerde daha da büyüdü ve ekşarıyle ınderde evimizin neshesi #DünyaKedilerGünü

— Murat Aydın (@murataydintr) February 17, 2024

It will be recalled that

the farmer was fond of huge images of cats in the rice fields (photo).