The Migration Department

of Lithuania

plans to check 18,000 citizens of Belarus who arrived before the introduction of restrictions on entering the country - until 2022.   

This is reported by LRT.

Belarusians whose data are planned to be checked will have to fill out the same questionnaire as newly arrived citizens of Lithuania.

"We will start checking all Belarusian citizens who received a residence permit based on employment before the introduction of the additional questionnaire," said Evelina Gudzinskaite, head of the Lithuanian Migration Department.

According to her, there are about 18,000 such Belarusians in Lithuania, whose residence permits are still valid.

If negative information about an individual is found, the Migration Department will contact the State Security Department (SDS) of Lithuania. 

"If a person does not answer the questionnaire, it will be interpreted against him. If a person answers, his answers will be evaluated. If negative information is found, we will consult with the DDB. If he comes to the conclusion that the person poses a threat to state security, the certificate on residence will be cancelled," Gudzinskaite explained.

From November 2022, Russians and Belarusians entering Lithuania must fill out a special questionnaire to express their views on Russia's war against Ukraine.

Since then, 1,644 Belarusians and 397 Russians have been deemed a threat to Lithuania's national security and have been denied residence permits.

The Migration Department is tasked with conducting a more thorough check of citizens of Belarus who have received or are applying for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of employment. 

Tougher checks began after former Belarusian police major Oleksandr Matievich, who participated in the suppression of pro-democracy protests in Belarus, received a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.

We will remind you that

Lithuania has banned its military personnel and employees from visiting the Russian Federation, Belarus and China.