On February 25, a Belarusian woman was found unconscious with strangulation marks on her body in the center of Warsaw.

The girl was resuscitated and taken to the hospital in critical condition, her life remains in danger.

Svoboda spoke with the victim's boyfriend about her condition and doctors' forecasts.


, Liza's boyfriend, told Svaboda on February 28 that the current news about the girl's condition is "very terrible", her condition has not improved.

According to the interlocutor, he was looking for Belarusian or Ukrainian doctors for help, but he was told in the Warsaw hospital that foreign doctors are not allowed there.

"I asked the hospital for a health report and will continue to consult with other doctors.

But today all the doctors tell me that the situation is very difficult.

I have hope that there will be a breakthrough in her health.

But doctors say only bad things," Danila commented.

The interlocutor says that at this moment he cannot do or think about anything other than trying to help the girl.

"I am very grateful to all the people who help in raising money.

God forbid that Liza go to correction, so that she needs this money for rehabilitation," the guy added.

He knows Polish, but sometimes has some difficulties with specific medical terms.

At the time of publication, about 280,000 zlotys (about 69,000 dollars) had been collected for Lisa.

The collection continues.

The first interrogation of the suspect, who was detained in the case of causing damage to Belarusians, took place on February 27.

The Polish police did not report its results.

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