The former chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, considers French President Emmaguel Macron's assumption about the involvement of ground forces in the war in Ukraine "a little bold, but not wrong."

The comment of the diplomat of the Welt-TV channel is quoted by the German publication Spiegel.

"In the conflict situation in which we found ourselves with Russia, of course, in principle, it is correct not to rule anything out. As soon as you rule something out, you, in fact, make it easier for your opponent to prepare for what might happen," he said.

The assumption of the French president, Wolfgang Ischinger, was called "a little bold, but not wrong." 

At the same time, he reminded of another principle according to which NATO does not want to be drawn into the war between Russia and Ukraine.

As reported, on February 26, at a briefing on the results of the Conference in support of Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron did not rule out that in the future the troops of NATO countries may be introduced into the territory of Ukraine.

He recalled that earlier European countries did not even want to discuss the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but everything has changed.

It will be recalled that Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev stated that his country will not send its troops to Ukraine.