During martial law, all men of draft age from 18 to 60 years old must appear at the TCC and SP for clarification of data, as well as pass a

military medical commission


However, there are situations when this is not necessary.

UNIAN reported which of the men are not subject to mobilization.

When you can not go to the TCC

Back in 2010, the CMU decided that there are five categories of men who may not come to the TCC in wartime, even with a summons.

In 2022, the law was amended, now the rules apply to conscripts and reservists.

Important reasons for not appearing at the TCC are as follows:

It is important to understand that the situation that a conscript or reservist names as a reason for not appearing at the TCC must be documented.

Otherwise, sanctions will be applied to the husband.

The new draft law: who is not subject to mobilization 

Currently, draft law No. 10449, which amends the legislation, is under consideration in the Verkhovna Rada.

If it is adopted, the valid reasons for ignoring the TCC will change.

The list will be as follows:

Mandatory mobilization will then be postponed for the conscript, but he must notify the TCC about the reasons for his absence no later than three days after he was served with the summons.

If a man does not come to the TCC without a valid reason, he can be wanted and even prosecuted.

We will remind, the head of the Kremenchug Central Committee, Myroslav Volkov, explained where they will be sent to serve.

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