Source: Honduran National Police

(CNN) --

Three Honduran citizens face drug trafficking charges after being extradited to San Francisco as part of a complex operation, officials announced during a press conference Tuesday.

The three men had fled to Honduras after being charged in separate cases in San Francisco from 2019, U.S. Attorney Ismael Ramsey said.

Jorge Viera-Chirinos was charged in 2019 with trafficking large quantities of hard drugs and fled shortly after being released on bail, according to the US Attorney's Office.

In 2020, Mayer Benegas-Medina was charged with trafficking fentanyl and also fled after being released on bail.

Elmer Bonilla Matute was allegedly part of a drug trafficking organization in San Francisco and fled to Honduras before being arrested and then formally charged in 2019, officials detailed in a press release.

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"This is not the last of the extraditions you will hear about," U.S. Attorney for the Northern District, Ismail Ramsey, said Tuesday.

"If you deal in fentanyl, you will be held accountable."


Source: Honduran National Police

The arrests and extraditions come four months after the announcement of “Operation All Hands on,” a joint law enforcement initiative developed to combat fentanyl trafficking in San Francisco.

“If you think you can hide, you are wrong.

The DEA will be relentless in our pursuit to hold you accountable,” said Brian Clark, special agent in charge of the DEA field division in San Francisco.