The Army explained in its statement that approximately 5% of the tasks of demobilized soldiers will mostly affect positions that remained empty. The Army added: “The Army is not asking current soldiers to leave. As the Army builds its rear force over the next few years, it will likely see "Most installations increase the number of soldiers already stationed there."

The new plan has Army leaders looking to recruit enough troops during fiscal year 2029 to reach the goal of 470,000 active-duty soldiers. Despite the cuts, the Army said it is looking to add another 7,500 soldiers for other critical missions, including air defense units. And combating drones, and five new task forces around the world with enhanced capabilities in the field of cyber, intelligence, and long-range strikes.

A Pentagon official said in December that the US Army failed to achieve its recruitment goals in 2023 by 41,000 soldiers, so that the new year will face a recruitment crisis. US President Joe Biden announced earlier that Washington does not want the conflict to expand. In the Middle East. Biden said, in statements to reporters: “I do not think we need a broader war in the Middle East, this is not what I am looking for.” The US President held Iran responsible for the attack that resulted in the killing of 3 American soldiers in Jordan, saying "Tehran provided the perpetrators of the attack with weapons."