In response to a question about whether the United Nations considers Macron’s rhetoric escalating, Dujarric said that “since the beginning of this conflict, we have seen a lot of rhetoric that could have added fuel to the fire and led to an already deadly conflict.” Earlier, French President Emmanuel said Macron said that the European Union agreed to the creation of the “Ninth Deep Strike Alliance” and the supply of medium- and long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Macron added, "France will do everything so that Russia does not win this war."

According to him, the leaders of Western countries discussed the possibility of sending forces to Ukraine, but no consensus has yet been reached. German Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, earlier ruled out the option of sending German forces to Ukraine, and said that according to his information, no one supports A proposal by French President Emmanuel Macron. Pistorius said in response to a journalist’s question, during a press conference with his Austrian counterpart, Claudia Tanner: “Deploying forces on the ground is not an option for the Federal Republic of Germany. It cannot be an option and will not be an option.” He added: “I think This will contribute to escalation, and as far as I know, no one has supported it.” French Foreign Ministry: The presence of military personnel on the territory of Ukraine does not mean that they are participating in the conflict.