On the initiative of the chairman of the Metropolitan Municipality (SOM), Tsvetomir Petrov, an extraordinary meeting of the council was called today (February 27) at 10:00 a.m.

The agenda of the extraordinary meeting, published on the website of the Metropolitan Municipality, includes three items. 

At the last regular meeting of the Council, which was held on February 22, the municipal councilors decided that one of the points should be dropped and voted on today.

This is a report submitted by the Mayor of Sofia, Vasil Terziev, regarding the participation of regional administrations in projects under the "Support for sustainable energy renovation of the housing stock" procedure.

Vigenin for the BSP municipal councilors in SOS: They embraced GERB

At today's meeting, councilors are expected to consider a report by Deputy Mayors Nadezhda Bobcheva and Nikola Barbutov regarding the application of the Metropolitan Municipality under the "Environment" program for the allocation of funds for investments in the technical improvement of the Zoo's system. 

The third report, entered in the agenda for discussion, is once again by the Deputy Mayor in charge of "European policies, international activities and tourism" Nikola Barbutov, for the Metropolitan Municipality to have the opportunity to apply for grant funding under the "Technical Assistance" program.

At the last meeting, vice-chairmen of the Council were elected, as well as members of the standing committees, BTA recalls.

Out of a total of 14 committees in the SOS GERB-SDS have five chairmen, MK "BSP for Bulgaria" - four, "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria" ("Save Sofia") have two chairmen of committees, from "There is such a people" - one, and the chairmanship of two committees is assumed by two independent municipal councilors. 

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