Several European countries, including France, support the idea of ​​the European Union buying munitions produced outside Europe to continue supporting Kiev's military efforts, said participants at yesterday's conference in support of Ukraine in Paris, AFP reported.

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This proposal, initiated by the Czech Republic, "enjoys great support from several countries," Czech Prime Minister Petar Fiala said after the conference, which brought together more than 25 countries allied to Kiev at the Elysee Palace.

"This is a very strong message that goes to Russia," said the Czech leader, assuring that around 15 countries are ready to join this initiative, which aims to respond to the shortage of ammunition, in particular artillery shells , for Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron believes the Czech proposal is "in tune" with EU policy so far and has announced that Paris will join it.

"We /.../ have asked non-EU countries to propose solutions /.../ and that is why we will participate in this initiative," the French president said at a press conference, adding: "The only goal is efficiency."

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said his country would provide "over 100 million euros" for the Czech plan and that "other countries will follow."

"As for ammunition, there is a very good Czech initiative to buy ammunition and projectiles from around the world for Ukraine," Rutte pointed out.

He declined to specify which countries outside Europe might be asked to produce the munitions.

"It's a secret," Rutte said.

Germany and the other EU countries are in different positions on the bilateral military aid to Ukraine

Several countries, including France, Germany and Italy, have signed bilateral security deals with Kiev in recent weeks, but the EU, which has provided 28 billion euros worth of military aid since the start of the war, is struggling to meet its commitments, particularly on of the projectiles.

The EU had set itself the goal of delivering one million shells to Ukraine by March, but will not be able to meet it.

"We have to admit that we didn't have that one million. So it was undoubtedly an unreasonable commitment," Macron said.

The mayor of Kyiv called on Germany to send long-range missiles to Ukraine

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who also attended the conference in Paris, assured that EU defense ministers will present "within the next 10 days a concrete plan to strengthen the capacity to order ammunition to support the military efforts of the Ukrainian people ".

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