Siluanov answered a question from reporters about Russia’s opinion on the US Treasury Department’s proposal to transfer frozen Russian assets to Ukraine: “This is not the first time we have heard this proposal.” Siluanov said: “This is fundamentally wrong, because it undermines the foundations and foundations of the financial system when gold reserves are subject to And foreign currencies held by national banks are subject to restrictions and a political freeze, and if they take this step, our Western colleagues will only make matters worse for themselves, as happened with regard to restrictions on dollar settlements.” The European Union Council had previously approved the decision to withhold revenues from Russian assets. , to be reused for the benefit of Ukraine. The European Union statement on its website stated: “Today (Monday) the Council of the European Union approved a decision and regulations specifying the obligations of central deposits that reserve the assets and reserves of the Russian Central Bank, which were frozen as a result of the application of restrictive measures.” According to Statement: Depositors in the European Union will not be able to use proceeds from Russian assets, at their discretion, but must store them in separate accounts. Russian Foreign Ministry: We will respond firmly to any actions related to attempts to deprive Russia of ownership of its sovereign reserves.