For more than two years of full-scale war, Ukrainians have already, it would seem, seen everything: rockets, Shaheds, and enemy fighter jets and helicopters flew through the sky.

But even monitoring channels could not immediately identify this object.

Something mysterious suddenly flew into Ukraine from Moldova, and then again disappeared from all radars.

The Air Force has already commented on the incident.

Journalists exclusively tell TSN.UA about how the Armed Forces of Ukraine reacted to the incident and why it could cause another international scandal.

"On the evening of February 26, at the height of the Russian attack by the Shaheds on Ukraine, something strange was happening in the sky. One of the popular Ukrainian Telegram channels announced an unusual object that rapidly entered our airspace! An unfamiliar "flyer" suddenly appeared in in the sky over Khmelnytskyi. And in a few minutes, it made a maneuver, flew towards Romania, and then turned to Rivne. The author of the channel does not know what exactly flew into Ukraine - the characteristics of the object did not match either Shahed or the missile." - says journalist Artem Zyabkin.

The Ukrainian Air Force also recorded strange objects and confirmed that unknown UAVs were flying from the side of Moldova.

Despite this, already on February 27, there was nothing strange or new in the morning report of the Air Force.

According to the defenders of the Ukrainian sky, during the night they managed to shoot down 11 Shaheds and two Russian Kh-59 missiles.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to "land" several missiles.

The air force is impressive

Later, the Ukrainian Air Force shared another good news!

On the Eastern Front, Ukrainian air defense sent another enemy Su-34 into "eternal flight"!

Air Force Commander Mykola Oleschuk confirmed the hit. 

"Minus one more Su-34 in the Eastern direction! Yesterday, Russian pilots managed to evade our missiles, but this will not always be the case! Therefore, I advise the occupiers to see their relatives before each flight, just in case. Because who knows, they will be lucky or not this time. Around 2:00 p.m., they worked on another Su-34. The direction is the same! The

goal is the same! With such losses of combat and special aviation, the Russians should think about stopping the "airborne meat assaults" at least for a while. Well, let's keep working.. . To victory!"

- the message says.

Ignat told about the UFO "from Moldova"

But questions about unknown objects from Moldova could not be bypassed so easily.

On February 27, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat told the details of the mysterious incident on the air of the United Telethon.

He says that the situation is regular - it was "Shaheed" that flew through the territory of Moldova.

According to Ignat, most likely this was another provocation by Russia.

This is how the Kremlin demonstrates its impunity and tries to confuse Ukrainian air defense.

However, this is not the first time our defenders have faced such a situation. 

Everything is denied in Moldova?!

The Ministry of Defense of Moldova hastened to make a statement that no Russian UAVs were recorded over their country on the night of February 27.

Let me remind you that giving your airspace to the enemy can be considered a sign of aggression.

That is why Kishinev so fervently refutes the version of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Russian missiles and "Shakhed" have fallen in Moldova several times already.

The last time the wreckage of an Iranian drone was found by Moldovans twice and quite recently - on February 11 and 17, 2024, on their border with Ukraine. 

It is worth noting that the internal political situation in Moldova is quite complicated.

Pro-Kremlin separatists from the so-called Transnistria control a huge piece of land for this country and almost the entire border with Ukraine.

Local terrorists have considered themselves a state since 1992, have their own fake special services and armed forces, and have also housed a considerable Russian contingent, and they love to sing the Russian national anthem.

So, this could be another hybrid provocation by the Kremlin.

In addition, the so-called Transnistria showed itself again.

"Deputies" of this enclave not recognized by the world are already going to hold an emergency congress on February 28.

On it, the authorities of the banana republic will allegedly ask Russia to recognize and then annex the Moldovan region to Russia.

In an exclusive interview with, military and political commentator Oleksandr Kovalenko explained 

what mess Putin has decided to make in Moldova and whether the Moldovan crisis threatens Ukrainian Odesa .

"Yes, indeed. What is the threat? The fact that Transnistria will be accepted into the Russian Federation, so to speak, and after that they will go to Ukraine as a second front through the Odesa region. But there is no resource for this in Transnistria In fact, this is a limited contingent, no more than 9-10 thousand personnel can gather there, there is not enough equipment to carry out such actions and, in fact, in Odesa and the region there is a rather serious contingent of troops, which is much larger than all the combined forces the formation of Transnistria, and in the South-Western sector there are constantly rapid response units to such threats, as well as, for example, near the border of Belarus on the northern bridgehead, as well as on the border with Russia on the North-Eastern bridgehead. For unrecognized Transnistria, this it will be suicide if they open a so-called second front against Ukraine after that," the message reads.

"But for whom it can pose a danger, it is Moldova more, because they can try to destabilize Moldova, they can try to change the current government in Moldova - Maya Sanda directly, by force, install their puppet representative, they have enough of them in Moldova, for example, from the same Shor party, which is totally pro-Russian and works exclusively according to Russian methods, just like OPZZH at the time. This kind of destabilization, of this form, cannot be ruled out," the message says.

We will remind, on February 26, Russia launched an attack UAV on the territory of Ukraine.

At 22:43, the Air Force reported that the threat had been repulsed, but already at 23:11, the military wrote that unknown drones were moving towards Khmelnytskyi from the border with