The Russian

invaders continue to carry out raids on the settlements under their control and identify residences not only that do not have an owner, but also those that have been re-registered in accordance with Russian legislation.

This is stated in the message

of the Center of National Resistance


The message indicates that, based on the available information, the majority of such raids by the enemy take place in the city of Zaliznyi Port, which is located on the Black Sea coast in the Kherson region.

"Representatives of the Russian occupation administrations include in the lists even those persons who already have a Russian passport. This practice is already in the process of implementation, in connection with which the occupiers have already selected a number of such apartments and handed them over to the so-called "displaced persons". or to "victims" during hostilities," the message reads.

The Central Committee noted that earlier the occupiers took housing from owners who had previously left the occupied territory, while the now known "extortion" of housing takes place with those persons who have shown loyalty to the issuance of enemy documents.

"Such actions of the occupation authorities only indicate a desire to continue the genocidal practice of changing the ethnic composition of the population on the territory of Ukraine," the Central Committee of the Central Committee of Ukraine said.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that 

the invaders in the occupied territories will select housing that is not re-registered according to the legislation of the Russian Federation


In addition, we previously informed that 

the Russians at TOT are trying to ensure a "high level of support" for the President of the Russian Federation


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