Salvatore Mancuso, former paramilitary and future peace manager in Colombia 2:37

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Former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso returned to Colombia this Tuesday on a flight of deportees from the United States, Migración Colombia reported through messages on his account on the social network X, formerly Twitter.

Mancuso was in federal custody in that country.

He was extradited by Colombia in May 2008 and the US justice system found him guilty of drug trafficking.

He finished serving his sentence in 2020, but remained deprived of liberty while it was defined when and under what conditions he would return to Colombian territory.

  • Who is Salvatore Mancuso, the former paramilitary chief responsible for massacres who returns to Colombia as a peace manager

After landing and completing the corresponding immigration procedures, Mancuso was placed at the disposal of the National Police and signed a document to accept his appointment as peace manager, Migración Colombia detailed.

Mancuso's appointment as peace manager was announced in July 2023 by President Gustavo Petro, as part of the actions with which he promotes his "Total Peace" policy, which seeks to overcome the armed conflicts that have afflicted the country in its recent history.

Mancuso was a livestock businessman and was head of the paramilitary United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC).

  • Gustavo Petro announces the appointment of former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso as peace manager in Colombia

It is expected that Mancuso will be taken to a penitentiary center and face the judicial processes that are pending in the ordinary justice of Colombia, in the transitional justice and in the special justice for peace.


He is accused of multiple crimes.

In April 2023 alone, an indictment linked him to 4,071 crimes with more than 6,000 victims.

Among the events attributed to him are 1,116 homicides, 2,023 cases of forced displacement and 371 cases of forced disappearance.

According to the Petro Government, Mancuso's return and his appointment as peace manager have the goal of helping to ensure justice for victims of violence and progress in guarantees of non-repetition.

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In various hearings, Mancuso has spoken about the murders and other crimes ordered by him and other paramilitaries.

In 2023, after Petro announced that he would be a peace manager, he published a letter in which he said he was willing to “contribute to the agenda of total peace.”

“I am ready and waiting for the national government to indicate the route to fulfill the assigned tasks,” he wrote then.