She added in an interview with “Sputnik” that the political speeches of Palestinian officials before the Court of Justice in the advisory opinion case requested by the United Nations General Assembly touched on the situation in the Gaza Strip, which amounts to genocide of the Palestinian people. She stressed that the crimes occurring in Gaza strengthened the pleas. It supported the Israeli intention not to leave the Palestinian territories, but the current case did not focus on the crime of genocide that the court is considering in the South African case, but it focused on the issue of the illegality of the occupation. She said that the high frequency of statements made by Israeli officials that racially discriminate between Palestinians and Israelis It clarifies that Tel Aviv has the right to all the lands of Palestine, indicating the existing intention and Israel’s intention to continue its settlement project to erase the Palestinians from their lands and seize them. The Israeli army has continued to bomb the Gaza Strip for more than 4 months, destroying entire neighborhoods and causing the displacement of 1.7 of the Palestinians from their lands. 2.4 million people, and sparked a catastrophic humanitarian crisis, according to the United Nations. Last October 7, fighters from the Palestinian Hamas movement launched an attack on Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip, which led to the death of 1,200 Israelis, according to official Israeli data. In response to the Hamas attack, Israel pledged to “ “eliminate” the movement, and launched a major attack on Gaza that has claimed the lives of about 30,000 Palestinians so far, the vast majority of them women and children, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. Israel says that “130 prisoners are still being held in Gaza, including 30 who died, out of a total of 250.” A person was kidnapped on October 7. Meanwhile, regional and international efforts continue to reach a deal to release Israeli detainees and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.