In Lithuania, the performance of the American singer 


, whose real name is 

Laura Pergolitzi

, was canceled after she

wore a hoodie with the symbols of the Russian Federation

and thanked the Russians for it.

By the way, the artist's concert in Kaunas, Lithuania, was supposed to take place on March 4.

However, after the scandalous clip of the artist, where she expressed sincere affection for the Russian fan club, her global fans began to protest against concerts in Europe.

In particular, they asked to "cross out Kaunas and go to Moscow."

Therefore, on February 27, the organizers announced the decision to cancel the planned performance of LP in Lithuania, writes

LP singer / Photo:

Thus, the reaction of the Kaunas Zalgiris Arena, where the concert was planned, was not long in coming.

In particular, they expressed their clear pro-Ukrainian position and noted that they will not allow stars who support Russian aggression to perform in their country.

"Kaunas Zalgiris Arena" has a clear civic position - we strongly support Ukraine. Our position remains firm - the concert must be canceled. After confirming the facts, we, together with the organizers of the "Medusa Concert" event, made a joint decision to cancel the concert. With this act, we want draw the attention of LP and other artists planning events in Lithuania, that we will not ignore statements in support of the aggressor country," Mantas Vedritskas, head of the Žalgiris Arena events department, emphasized.

LP singer

In turn, the organizer of the "Medusa Concert" event initially did not plan to cancel the event, because he believed that "LP did not express any support for Russia" in the scandalous video, but later published an official press release.

It apologizes for such behavior on behalf of the singer and themselves:

"We would like to emphasize that Medusa Concert strongly condemns Russian aggression and has always supported, supports and will continue to support Ukraine. The video that appeared on the Internet confused and outraged us as well as other people in Lithuania. It has never supported the aggressor country and rooting for the Ukrainians with all her heart. This is what she said in her video published tonight after realizing the mistake. So, together with the singer, the organizer of the LP concert - Medusa Concert - sincerely apologizes to everyone for her obvious mistake and wishes Ukraine victory! ", the message says.

We will remind you that recently the actress Olena Repina, known for her role as Vera Ivanovna in the TV series "Real Mystique",

was scandalized by her propagandistic statements