President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi took part in a special summit in Paris together with the leaders of European states, organized by the President of France Macron.

During the event, they discussed ways to further support Ukraine.

Zelensky announced this during an evening address on February 26.

"Today I took part in the work of a special summit in Paris - a summit of leaders convened by Mr. President of France. The main topic is everything that strengthens us in Europe, our stability, our capabilities: of course, our arsenals, our ability to produce weapons, the supply of weapons to Ukraine and continuity of support," the president said.

He added that each of the Russian losses and each of the Russian losses teaches Russia and any other adversary of Europe and the free world in general that aggression does not and cannot give results.

"Cooperation and determination are two answers that everyone should give to the question of the end of the war and the approach of peace," he said during his address at the end of the 733rd day of the war.

We will remind you that already reported on the meeting in Paris organized by French President Emmanuel Macron with the leaders of European countries.

It was dedicated to Europe's support for Ukraine against the background of a full-scale Russian war.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, previously stated that he discussed with Macron the strengthening of Ukraine and the urgent steps of partners.