The Parliament

of Hungary

elected a new president of the country - he became the candidate from the governing coalition "Fidesz-KDNP" Tamas Shuyok. 

This was reported by the Hungarian publication 

Deputies cast 134 votes for Shuyok's candidacy, 5 more were against.

None of the parliamentarians refrained.

Yes, he became the seventh elected president. 

The new head of state will take office on March 5.

Until then, the duties and powers of the president will be performed by the Speaker of the Parliament Laszlo Kever.

What is known about the new president of Hungary

Tamas Shuyok was born in 1956.

He is a lawyer by education.

He worked as a legal consultant, a lawyer, and was an honorary consul of Austria.

Since 2014, he became a member of the Constitutional Court of the country, already in 2016 he headed it. 

The leader of the Fidesz faction, Mate Kocish, said that Shuyok is a "lawyer with an impeccable past and excellent training."

The ruling parties see it as a "chance to realize the unity of the nation."

What preceded

It will be recalled that on February 10, 

the President of Hungary, Katalin Novak, resigned amid a scandal

caused by her decision to pardon a man convicted of concealing a case of sexual abuse in an orphanage.