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Union Civil Aviation Minister and head of the Scindia royal family, Jyotiraditya Scindia, reached Gwalior on Sunday and worshiped his family deity and vice-chancellor Baba Mansoor Shah in Gorkhi in the traditional manner.

It is located in the Gorkhi complex of Deoghar Lashkar area, which was once the royal palace and secretariat of the Scindia Royal Family.

Later the Scindia family shifted to Jaivilas Palace, but the tradition of the head of the family coming to worship in Deoghar for three hundred years still continues.

Its story is also quite interesting.

Reached Deoghar directly from airport

Scindia reached Gwalior from Delhi by plane in the morning and Rajmata Vijayaraje reached Deoghar in Gorkhi by car directly from Scindia Air Terminal.

There the royal priests of the Scindia family performed his puja in the traditional manner amid chanting of mantras.

From here he reached the temple of his family deity Mandhare's mother situated on Cancer Hill Kampu and worshiped there too.

This is how Baba Mansoor Shah became the family deity of Scindia family.

Actually, Sufi saint Baba Mansoor Shah lived in Beed district of Maharashtra.

The Scindia family was part of the Peshwas' army before the Rajpath.

These people were also residents of a village in Satara district, which was close to this.

It is said that once Great Maratha Mahadji Scindia, the founder of the Scindia royal family, had gone with the Peshwa army to fight against the Mughals.

Most of the Peshwa soldiers were killed in that war.

When Mahadji also did not return after the war, his wife Maina along with his elderly mother started crying badly.

On someone's advice, they reached the Khanqah of Fakir Mansoor Shah Auliya, when Auliya was in meditation.

Hearing the sound of these people crying, his attention was broken, then Mahadji's wife Maina told him the whole story.

Smiling at this, Baba Mansoor said that nothing will happen to Mahadji.

He is alive and will come here.

You wait here, then a miracle happened that a young man named Rane Kha reached Baba's court with the injured Mahad ji.

He told that Peshwa army was killed in the battle of Panipat.

During this time, he picked up this seriously injured young man and took him to his home and treated him.

I have brought it to you after there is some improvement.

There was no limit to the happiness of his mother and wife after seeing Mahadji alive.

Give half the bread and say that your five generations will rule.

It is said that after this Baba broke half of his bread and gave it to Mahadji and said that you will become the king of pearls and your five generations will rule.

He took this bread and kept it in the puja room of his house.

Since then the Scindia family has been worshiping it.

After this, after recovering, Mahadji found the surviving Peshwas after the defeat in the war and reorganized the army and defeated the Mughals in the battle of Panipat.

Later Mahadji established the Scindia Dynasty.

He first made Ujjain his capital and then Gwalior, but he took his Deoghar with him.

Before the construction of Gorakhi Mahal in Gwalior, the Scindia kings built Deoghar in its premises and established the memory of Baba Mansoor Shah there.

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Half roti is worshiped in Devghar

The specialty of this Devghar is that it neither has the tomb of any Sufi saint nor the tomb of any saint.

A garment and half a dry loaf of bread are kept in it.

Both these things were given to Mahadji Scindia by Sufi Saint Baba Mansoor Shah Auliya with blessings and the Scindia family believes that there are blessings on their family, due to which the Scindia royal family was established, which is the largest in history with the largest number of soldiers. A financially prosperous royal family was formed.

One of his palaces was also named Moti Mahal.

Since that time, the Scindia family regularly comes here and bows down to seek blessings, while during the Pitru Paksha, the head of the royal family performs a special puja here and keeps pouring water on the flower till it falls down.

Later, he takes the fallen flower and keeps it in the puja room of his palace, where the family members worship him along with the Lord regularly.

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