HC will give its verdict today on the petition of Muslim side...


Allahabad High Court will give its verdict today on the petition regarding allowing Hindus to worship in the basement of Gyanvapi in Varanasi.

The Allahabad High Court will pronounce its verdict today on a petition challenging the Varanasi District Court's decision to allow Hindus to worship in a basement in Gyanvapi.

The Varanasi district court had ruled on January 31 that a priest can perform puja in the southern basement of the Gyanvapi mosque.

This order was given by the Varanasi District Court on the petition of Shailendra Kumar Pathak, who had said that his maternal grandfather Somnath Vyas had performed puja till December 1993.

Pathak had requested that as a hereditary priest he be allowed to enter the basement and resume worship.

There are four 'tahkhanas' (cellars) in the basement of the mosque, and one of them is still owned by the Vyas family. 

The Varanasi district court's order came a day after the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report on the mosque complex was made public.

The ASI survey ordered by the same court in connection with this case suggested that the mosque was built on the remains of a Hindu temple during the rule of Aurangzeb.

The mosque committee refuted the petitioner's statement.

The committee said that no idol was present in the basement, hence there was no question of praying there till 1993.