Ukrainians were warned about a new cyber attack.

It was directed at representatives of the Defense Forces and was sent through the Signal messenger.

This was reported by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.

"The Government Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine CERT-UA recorded and took measures to neutralize a new cyberattack aimed at representatives of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Criminals tried to infect military computers with malicious software.

The attack was carried out through the Signal messenger," the report said.

They also added that cybercriminals, pretending to be a military colleague, sent an XLS document under the guise of a report and a request for help with its formation.

This document contained malicious code that, when executed, downloaded and ran the COOKBOX malware on the victim's computer.

This activity has been carried out since at least the fall of 2023, has a point nature and is tracked by the identifier - UAC-0149.

"In one of the military units, it was possible to prevent the infection of computers thanks to the presence of EDR class protection technology.

CERT-UA has repeatedly emphasized the need for the urgent installation of such technologies on all computers of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

To install such a technology, it is necessary to contact the ITS Cyber ​​Security Center (unit A0334; email:," the State Special Communications Service emphasized.

We will remind that the Security Service of Ukraine made a loud statement regarding attacks by Russian hackers.