"Surprises" in Crimea and special operations under Putin's nose, so that Russia starts falling from within - the head of the GUR Budanov and the head of the SBU Malyuk hinted that soon they will arrange a holiday for the occupiers, although they will howl, and we will rejoice.

And is everything ready for the destruction of Putin's bridge?

All the details of the high-profile statements are discussed in an exclusive article by Victoria Hnatiuk TSN.ua.

What is needed for victory: Budanov answered

"Forum Ukraine. Year. 2024" is not only about Zelensky's press conference.

A few hours before the president, other interesting personalities gathered in the hall.

Among them were the head of intelligence Budanov and the head of the SBU Malyuk.

The question that everyone asks and, accordingly, puts it to the top management: when and under what conditions is victory?

The key points have long been named: these are weapons, many weapons, as well as people and diplomatic relations.

Now listen to what the chief intelligence officer of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov says:

"Concentration of efforts is probably the first thing. The second is the abandonment of the unity of international support. And the third is that everything depends on us.

However, currently Ukraine does not have an advantage in weapons, but it is necessary to fight and hold on.

Russia buys Western weapons "in the dark".

Russia, on the other hand, is betting on weapons, because, as we have already noticed, it does not spare people - there are 17 thousand corpses of Russians in Avdiivka alone.

In total, over two years, 180,000 Russians left in black bags, and up to half a million were injured.

Such figures were announced by President Zelensky during his press conference on the same day, February 25.

And interestingly, at the entrance to the hall where the speakers were speaking, there was a stand with spare parts from Russian equipment, and as it turned out, many of them were of foreign origin and did not have any Russian markings.

So the guests were asked what Ukraine and its partners are doing to avoid these situations.

The head of the president's office, Andriy Yermak, noted that there are ongoing discussions to make the sanctions more effective and work more efficiently, and in Russia there was no opportunity to order the necessary parts "black" through third countries.

Instead, Budanov said that sanctions for this are not enough, additional ones are needed that will hit local companies.

They, it seems, still do not understand that because someone is afraid of losing millions, many Ukrainians will never be able to be born.

What didn't make it live

Later, on the sidelines, Budanov answered additional questions from journalists and, in particular, denied that Russia had received ballistic missiles from Iran.

We will remind that on February 21, 2024, the Reuters agency, citing six sources, including three Iranian ones, wrote that Iran had sent 400 surface-to-surface ballistic missiles to Russia.

It was about missiles of the Fateh-110 family, including hypersonic ones.

Deliveries allegedly began at the beginning of January and there have already been at least four transmissions.

And on February 22, Washington declared that they had no confirmation of the transfer of missiles by Iran.

However, negotiations between Iran and the Russian Federation regarding the supply of missiles are actively progressing. 

Russia is preparing for "Maidan-3"

It is a fact, Budanov says, that not everything is going according to plan with the Russians at the moment.

Avdiyivka really fell, the Führer ordered to take Kupyansk, but it did not work out, and it will not work out.

However, against the background of failures on the battlefield and lagging behind the Kremlin's plan to seize territories, the Russians will turn on propaganda and try to arrange "Maidan-3".

Budanov even named the approximate dates of the meeting place and its main purpose.

"A primitive name, but it is officially listed in their documents. This is the most expensive operation for them and it will fail, because we know everything that they have planned. However, as part of this operation, they planned the following: to create a situation in which they questioned b legitimacy not so much of the president, but of decision-making in general in Ukraine in the period after May 20 of this year.

After that, in a fairly short period, as they expect, there will be some confusion in Ukrainian society and ambiguity in decision-making.

The same will be projected on our army, as they think.

And in that period, in the first half of June, to inflict a military defeat in the east, taking advantage of the fact that in the army there should be a double opinion "who leads us, and whose orders we carry out" and so on.

They are interested not so much in the change of political leadership as in the task of military defeat."

The SBU has everything under control

The Security Service of Ukraine is already ready for this.

In addition, Vasyl Malyuk revealed the details of the detention of Russian agents who were preparing attacks on Ukraine with their own hands just not far from the targets, told who sold themselves for the position and promised that the SBU would cut out all "cancerous tumors".

In addition, Malyuk spoke about the successes of his structure at sea in the air, at the front, behind enemy lines and other operations.

Do not respond to provocations

By the way, Russia wanted to arrange "Maidan-3" in Ukraine and has already spent one and a half billion on it.

And this was Russia's most expensive campaign since 2014 and the Revolution of Dignity, the GUR declared back in November 2023.

That is, Russia is doing everything to make people lose faith in the government, take to the streets, oust the president, and then a sea of ​​ways to move forward instantly opens up for Russians.

This is one of the well-thought-out strategies and provocations that Ukrainians are using now - it is deadly dangerous.

And as dangerous as it is for us, it is also dangerous for Putin in Russia.

Therefore, Budanov also urged not to believe that the regime in Russia "will shake naturally, by itself", stressing that "without our help, this is unreal."

He added that a stable regime in Russia is a threat to Ukraine and the world, so Ukraine will continue conducting operations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the head of the GUR announced new strikes on Russian military facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

"New surprises await the enemies, and I would not recommend the civilian population to use the so-called "Crimean Bridge", Budanov said.

Dzhemilev's statement about the Crimean bridge

Not long ago, the leader of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemilev, stated that Putin's bridge was left to breathe.

He called on the Crimean Tatars, who remained under occupation, to continue resisting the Russians with all possible forces.

The politician is sure that soon Crimea will be liberated, and the suffering of Crimeans will end.

How many missiles did Russia fire at Ukraine?

Meanwhile, Rustem Umerov stated that this is the biggest war since the Second World War, and increased the total number of missiles that Russia has already fired at Ukraine.

This is really shocking.

According to him, during the entire time of the full-scale invasion, Russia fired more than eight thousand missiles at Ukraine. 

And this is instead of investing this money in the development of one's own country, which is drowning in the mud even without this war, because only experts will be able to calculate the amount already spent on the so-called "SVO".


The Crimean bridge - a hook?! 

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