The "Al-Masirah" channel, affiliated with the Yemeni "Ansar Allah" group, reported that "the aggression targeted the Ras Issa area in the Al-Salif District with 3 raids." Last Saturday night, American and British fighters carried out air strikes on sites of the "Ansar Allah" group in Sana'a, central Yemen. He reported A source in "Ansar Allah" told Sputnik that American and British fighters launched two raids on the "Al-Dailami" air base, north of Sana'a, and the "Al-Nahdin" camp of the Republican Guard forces (formerly the elite of the Yemeni army) in the presidential complex south of Sana'a. The air strike came after... Days after the leader of Ansar Allah, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, last Thursday, vowed to escalate attacks by his forces in the Red and Arab Bahrain, which the group says are targeting ships linked to Israel or heading to its ports, as well as American and British ships.

He confirmed that 48 ships had been targeted since Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” last October, in response to the Israeli army’s operations against the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip. The “Ansar Allah” group announced on the tenth of last October that it would participate in attacks. Missile and air missiles and “other military options” to support the Palestinian factions against the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, in the event that the United States intervenes militarily directly in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Gaza Strip. The “Ansar Allah” group declares that it is part of the “Axis of Resistance” that includes Iran and Syria. And the Lebanese "Hezbollah" and the Palestinian resistance factions, confirming their readiness to participate in the fighting alongside the Palestinian resistance. Since September 2014, the "Ansar Allah" group has controlled the majority of the governorates in central and northern Yemen, including the capital, Sana'a, while an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia launched On March 26, 2015, military operations were launched in support of the Yemeni army to regain those areas from the group’s control.