An Israeli army statement provided detailed information about the long tunnel network linking the northern and southern Gaza Strip:

  • A system of underground tunnels was found linking the northern Gaza Strip to its south, extending for a distance of about 10 kilometers and passing under the Turkish Hospital and Al-Isra University.

  • The forces of the 162nd Division found a system of underground tunnels linking the north and south of the Strip.

    The forces achieved operational control over the tunnel route, and after inspecting it, destroyed large parts of the system.

  • The tunnel system connects the Turkish Hospital, adjacent to the Central camps, to the headquarters of Al-Isra University, south of Gaza City, and extends to the Al-Zaytoun area.

  •  The talk is about a system used by multiple Hamas military brigades to move elements between different brigades in the Gaza Strip, as the tunnel route connects the Central Brigade and the Gaza City Brigade - including the Nuseirat, Sabra and Zaytoun Brigades.

  • In the path of the tunnels, accommodation rooms were found, including toilets, storage rooms for weapons and combat equipment, and a system of complex tunnel openings, as well as bodies remaining in the tunnel.