loses the war to Russia, it will have devastating consequences for the United States.

This opinion was expressed by the leader of the majority in the US Senate, Democrat Chuck Schumer, after his visit to Ukraine,


reports .

He noted that Ukraine should receive help and not be abandoned, as it is a European ally of the USA.

According to him, this year is a "decisive moment in the history of the world."

"This is a turning point, a turning point in the ability of the United States to demonstrate itself - our strength, our power, our capabilities - in the world. When we went there (to Ukraine - ed.), we told the Ukrainian people: America will not leave you," - he said.

Schumer stated the need to increase aid to Ukraine, in particular, he stated the need to increase the supply of shells for artillery, as well as weapons capable of destroying Russian logistics.

Schumer stated that Russian artillery can fire its artillery much longer than Ukrainian artillery can return fire.

"The Russians can stand further and hit the Ukrainians, but the Ukrainians cannot hit them back," Schumer added.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that 

the White House named the condition under which Ukraine's victory is still possible


In addition, we previously informed that 

Zelensky commented on the possible return of Trump to the presidential chair


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